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gifBase was born out of the undying need for a centralized lulz repository - a place you can take shelter from the often chilly interweb storm. Sit down in front of our 256-color fireplace, slip on your favorite evening sunglasses, and get ready to "deal with it" through a bevy of pixelated tomfoolery.

Taking submissions from across the globe (see Figure A. below) and allowing visitors just like you to vote on them, our goal is to help each and every gifBaser rest safely in the knowledge that when the day comes that they need a relevent animation to comment on their current situation, we've got them covered.

We also just think gifs are pretty cool.

Figure A. - "The Globe"
Who is behind this madness?

gifBase is created and maintained by fellow gifBaser, coder and part-time male model Jackson "Funky-J" Palmer, using the following technologies:

A big holla to the people behind these technologies, and to everyone who has helped make gifBase possible. Y'all rock.

Getting in touch

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and our regular "gif of the day". Ideas, suggestions or general thoughts you'd like to share with us? Send your digital mail to and there's a 99.98% chance we'll get back to you.