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To help you in your quest towards gif-lightenment, we spend our spare time building and collecting handy tools/bookmarklets for you to use when in times of need.

Below you'll find some homemade bookmarklets to help speed up your gifBasing, plus a growing list of tools and services we think are just too darn-tootin' cool not to share.

Submit to gifBase bookmarklet

You know that feeling when you've found a gif you really love and you're all "OMG it's gifbase time!!111"? Not really? Ok, but just in case the feeling ever happens upon you, we've created the very tool you need.

Simply drag the button below to your browser's bookmarks bar, and when you're viewing a .gif file on the web click "Submit to gifbase". As if you're Disney's Aladdin and have just had your wish granted, you'll be transported to gifbase with the submission form pre-filled. Wanna get in on this non-stop action?

Submit to gifBase
Upload to Imgur bookmarklet

We recommend you only submit gifs hosted on the awesome Imgur service. Images hosted with Imgur only require 1 view every 6 months to stay alive and load super fast. To help you with any gifs hosted elsewhere, use the below bookmarklet to mirror your Photobucket, Imageshack and other gifs to Imgur.

Simply drag the button below to your browser's bookmarks bar, and then click the "Upload to Imgur" button when you're viewing a .gif file on another host. Bitchin? We think so.

Upload to Imgur
Handy tools and services
  • Imgur - if you're not hosting your gifs here, you're cray cray.
  • ImgOps - your one-stop-shop for manipulating images online, no seriously, it's got everything.

Have a favorite app you'd like added to the list? Hit us up at